Remove Proxy Configuration on Send Port

While using a sniffing tool to see what is actually being sent from Biztalk to a receiving system can be a great way of learning whats actually being transmitted on the wire it took me a while to figure out why when removing the proxy address I kept getting error messages saying that I cannot have both proxy Address and “use default web proxy” set.

Setting “useDefaultWebProxy” to false resultet in:

“System.InvalidOperationException: This operation is not supported for a relative URI.

Turns out that just deleting the proxy address in a Custom WCF port binding configuration isnt enough – you must acautally right-click the “proxyAddress” label and click on “Nullify “proxyAddress””.

Right click on proxyAddress to get up the hidden option!

The error can be detected by exporting the binding and check the configuration for the specific port, you will see “proxyAdress=”” ” in the binding indicating that the proxy is still configured – to an empty string, compare this with a port where you have never configured a procxy – the entry will not be present.