About Niklas

Niklas – that’s me. From Sweden and now based in Stavanger, Norway.

I’ve been playing around with computers since my early teenage years when we got a Amiga 500 where I got my first look at a graphical user interface. I’ve since then tried a little bit of everything, from OS/2, windows 3.1 to Linux and BEOS. Always returned to the programming, meddling in everything from Arduino to Powershell.

Professionally I’ve been in the systems integration business since 2008. I’m still passionate about helping clients digitalize. It give me great satisfaction to simplify their everyday life by automating as much as possible in their businesses. I’m an integration solution architect and developer.

My platforms of choice has long been MS SQL and Biztalk but as everyone else I have realised the power Azure provides and is nowadays working almost exclusively with cloud related stuff.

I’ve worked for a couple of different companies and a whole lot of customer during my career. However all thoughts on this blog are my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of my employer or customer. 

If you feel like connecting, I’m on linkedin: